She lay down exhausted

The rest of the day laborers continued

They pour water to the concrete mixer

The reelection to her is a nonissue

The contractor urges her to soldier on

Lights were put on as it was already 7 o’clock – evening

They have been here since 7 in the morning

Their clothes in greyish cement dust

No protective mask on their face

Their heads covered in rugged polythene

A day job to keep their children in school

To put a meal on the table

For Fatuma it’s for her child, her family

No lunch is served; only a sip of water

From the nearby tap and maybe sugarcane juice

It is 10:30 p.m.

They earn their meager pay


They appreciate – a long walk home

They have to be at the site 7 a.m. Saturday morning

Sunday is a rest day

Fatuma says she may go and vote

Maybe she may not!