Bob Marley sings;

Africa Unite!

“How good and pleasant will it be;

To see the unification of Africa”

Our forefathers – Nkrumah, Nyerere

Envisioned a united Africa

“Let us render colonial borders obsolete and superfluous” Nkrumah said

Nyerere warned:

“Without unity, there is no future for Africa”

Why do I need a visa to visit my in-laws in Kisii, Kenya?

Why should I need a visa to see my oga brother in Abeokuta?

My professor in Kumasi invited me to the city of the Ashanti Kingdom,

I need a visa – he needs a visa too,

To visit my land of Kilimanjaro!

My son wants to visit Yamoussoukro, the city of Houphouet Boigny

He may be inspired by the peace efforts of Didier Drogba

From Cape to Cairo

Dar to Dakar

Malabo to Maputo

Let it be a visa free Africa!